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Gautam Nath For Change

Gautam Nath 4 Mayor of TorontoI am a global multicultural person, with parents from the Czech Republic and from India, born in Cairo Egypt and having worked, lived or travelled to over 30 countries and over 150 cities across the globe.

By profession, I am an MBA with marketing specialization and over 35 years of corporate experience working with large multinational corporations overseas and in Canada.

My key strengths include but are not limited to strategic insights, corporate communications, market intelligence, building strong foundations, financial prudence, and human resource management.

I believe in the goodness of people and that we all deserve a good environment to live peacefully, grow, contribute and raise a family.

Since coming to Canada, I have been working in the field of multicultural marketing and have grown to become one of a handful of multicultural marketing experts in the country. My other passion is in working with people and mentoring them and empowering them in making Canada a better place to live.

I have devoted hours, days, weeks, months and years in outreach methods touching the hearts and lives of many individuals, corporations, and agencies.

I was one of the top 100 marketing professionals in India before I immigrated to Canada.

In 2011, I was recognized as Canada’s Top 25 Immigrants and since then have been on the jury to help select Top 25 Canadian immigrants each year.

In 2017, based on my continued work with new Canadians, community outreach, supporting the cause of Canada’s diversity, I was on of 14 individuals in Ontario to receive the province’s highest recognition for voluntarism, The June Callwood Outstanding Achievement Award for Voluntarism.

My work in promoting diversity and inclusiveness was further supported by the recognition as Canada’s top 50 Board Diversity professionals.

My passion and dedication to bringing a difference and making Canada great was further reflected in being the recipient of Canada’s highest order for Volunteers, The Sovereign’s medal for volunteers.

I am today an internationally published author with the recent launch of the Amazon series book titled Journeys to Success Volume 9. I am also a television series host for the show named Canada’s Diversity by That Channel, an online television and radio media house.

My wife Vineeta is in education at York University and we have lived in Toronto ever since arriving in Canada ten years ago and this is home. We have travelled the journey of a new Canadian, leaving family and friends and a safety net behind to embark on this great adventure as many others and we are proud to be good Canadian citizens.

Please read the section on why I would like to be mayor, and hope that you share this emotion and come out to vote for me.

Volunteer Experience

A Glimpse into Gautam Nath’s Canadian journey and the experiences and exposure he brings to the role as the CEO of Toronto.


  1. The Maytree Foundation
    1. Mentorship Program panel member
    2. Diversity on Board program member
    3. Diversity Voices program member
  2. TRIEC
    1. Professional Immigrants Network – member of their Advisory Board
    2. Advisory for immigrant services
  3. Indo Canada Chambers of Commerce
    1. Director for Marketing on the Board 2009
  4. MCIS Languages Services
    1. Director on the Board – 2010
    2. Chair of the Marketing Committee – 2012
    3. Vice Chair of the Board – 2015
    4. Chair of the Board – 2016 onwards
  5. York University
    1. Advisory Board for the Internationally Educated Professionals course 2013
  6. New Canadian Media
    1. Director for Marketing on the Board
  7. ca – Canada’s largest professional networking group
    1. Marketing Advisor to the President 2008
  8. Real Human Being – Motivational Group
    1. Marketing advisor to the Founder 2009
  9. American Marketing Association, Toronto Chapter
    1. Co-Chair of the Multicultural Marketing Group 2011
    2. Chair of the Multicultural Marketing Group 2016
  10. United Way of Toronto
    1. Allocations panel member 2010
  11. Communications, Advertising and Marketing Professional networking group
    1. Advisory Board member 2012
  12. M –Bridge Professional Networking Group
    1. Advisory Board Member 2013
  13. Passages Canada initiative
    1. On their roster of speakers


  1. Prepared a document called Tips for Newcomers to Canada
    1. 35 page pdf shared with over 5000 newcomers since 2009
  2. Founder – Jobs in Canada – Online jobs and resource portal 2009
    1. Over 36000 members
  3. Founder – Multicultural Marketing Society of Canada 2012
    1. Over 1250 members
  4. Recruitment consultants directory 2008
    1. Details of over 2000 recruiters based across Canada
  5. Founder – Facebook group called Foodies Unite with over 2000 members sharing our passion for food
  6. Blogger – Building your personal brand

Speaking and mentoring opportunities

  1. Speaker at universities/colleges/schools:
    1. University of Toronto
    2. Brock University
    3. Seneca College
    4. Boreal College
    5. Schulich School of Management
    6. York University
    7. Rotmans Business School
    8. Centennial College
    9. Bishop Strachan School
    10. Weston Collegiate
  2. Speaker at settlement agencies:
    1. Acces Employment
    2. Skills for Change
    3. Woodgreen
    4. LSP – Toronto Public Library
    5. Rexdale Linc
    6. Alternate youth centre for employment
    7. Costi
    8. ICTC
  3. Speaker at other forums:
    1. Multicultural marketing conference – 2010, 2012, 2013
    2. Canadian Marketing Association

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