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Gautam Nath For Change

10 Step Action Plan For Toronto

Gautam Nath 4 Mayor of TorontoMy key strengths include but are not limited to strategic insights, corporate communications, market intelligence, building strong foundations, financial prudence, and human resource management.

I believe in the goodness of people and that we all deserve a good environment to live peacefully, grow, contribute and raise a family.

I want to create a vision, mission and value system to ensure Toronto is the best city for all residents.

Here is my 10 point action plan to make this happen.

  1. Investments from top global corporations
  • Identify key global corporations and meet with their CEOs to review how they can increase their footprint in our city. Increased economic investments imply more jobs and better income for our citizens.
  1. Greater contributions from existing corporations  
  • Meet key CEOs of existing corporations to increase local job generation and to take pride in ownership of city improvements.
  1. Conduct an ABC analysis of city financials
  • Identify areas of potential efficiencies and optimization of Toronto’s expenses and revenues.
  1. Empowerment and ownership are given to existing CEOs of critical divisions of the city
  • Ensure each department like Education, healthcare, Community Housing, Transit, Security, Environment, etc. have a clear and realistic vision, mission and operational plan to meet targets in a timely and cost-efficient basis. Have Key Performance Indicators and a bi-annual evaluation of progress. Create a new division on par with the others that focus on newcomer assimilation and success.
  1. Revive Toronto’s Art and Culture industry
  • Involve the cities rich families and successful artists to take ownership and invest in creating opportunities to our city talent to blossom and showcase our skills both locally and on the International platform.
  1. Create MTJOB. Keep Toronto jobs in Toronto
  • Metro Toronto Job Opportunity Bank, an online portal which every Toronto citizen can fill in their profile and all Toronto based employers will be ‘encouraged’ to use this database on priority when searching for employees. This way citizens will get alerts automatically when they match potential job openings.
  1. Create KES, (the Knowledge is Education is Success initiative)
  • Work with the CEOs for our large Telecom corporates to make Toronto City the first city in the world with free unlimited internet access to all.
  1. Transit relief Initiative- Project Go Ferry
  • Work with Metrolinx to build and run passenger ports both in the East and the West connecting the city using Lake Ontario to decrease Gardiner traffic during peak rush hours.
  1. Make Toronto the Tech Hub of Canada
  • Put Toronto on the world map as a destination city in North America as the centre of AI and the tech hub of Canada.
  1. Create one more globally recognized tourist attraction in the city similar to CN Towers that outclasses anything ever existing  
  • Get Toronto’s greatest creative minds to dream big and create the next craziest attraction for our city.

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