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Toronto’s Rich Multi-cultural Talent

Arts and culture have shaped this beautiful city in many ways, and yet it is never a mainstay in Toronto’s economic agenda. Where has our cultural edge gone, Toronto?

We did not fall in love with arts for the economic benefit it offers, we fell in love because it offers a great distraction from our everyday mundane routines and it has enriched our lives in more ways than one. It also offered a source of expression for our thousands of young and old artists to share their skills. As a Toronto local, I see art makes complete economic sense for our city, the inherent value it offers in inspiring, entertaining and shaping our personal and collective identities as a city and how it fits with the broader country brand image.

Imagine living in a city bereft of its rich arts scene; imagine removing bands and choirs and plays from our schools and community, we would have an identity crisis. We need to revive the love for arts, culture and all things wonderful in #Toronto and gives our people the simplest of joys every day.

We already know #Toronto is a hotbed of talent for the likes of #Drake, #theWeeknd, #KardinalOffishall#K’naan#jonitagandhi; we have prestigious film festivals to boast off #TIFF and #Hot docs and a vibrant theater and street festival scene. Personally, as someone who has been in this country for a little over 10 years  – the theater scene has been particularly close to my heart, it has opened up my mind to politics, history, and tensions that exist within our city and given me an immense appreciation for this city. We need to see these initiatives thrive and build investment in them for sustainability. #michaelsnow#sharyboyle#chrisabraham#ravijain#anandrajaram#shawnmendes#alessiacara

50 % of #Toronto’s population comes from a multicultural background, rich in arts and cultural heritage and we need to invest in enabling a platform where this can be shared and our communities embrace the variety of options we live within.

I, however, think we don’t do enough to support our upcoming and budding artists or do anything to attract them from other parts of the world. So much needs to be done to better our infrastructure at theaters, to revive and to put #arts and #culture back on the tourist map. Little has been done to raise awareness for all the free art one can enjoy in this city.

My 10 Point Action Plan Includes Vibrancy Of The Arts

It has become ever so clear and this is why it is an important part of my 10 point action plan. The city needs to work to fundraise with governments, philanthropists, art connoisseurs, companies and private contributors and the benefits will be multifaceted. It will revive as had in the past; a deep social impact, set up cultural values we feel proud of, educational benefits and economic welfare. And it is important to continue to keep the spotlight on it.

cutlural arts in Toronto

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Blog article by Toronto Mayoral candidate Gautam Nath, #corporate strategist and #visionary professional. With over 3 decades of experience with multinational corporations overseas and in Canada, he believes that corporate principles will bring economic benefits to our residents and improve Toronto’s standing as a leading North American city. He believes that Art & Culture is an inherent trait of Toronto and has been neglected in the last ten years or so. Economic revival of #Toronto will bring vibrancy back to the arts.

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